Burglars cart off $6M in stocks from fashion store

May 13, 2011 | By | Filed Under News 

The proprietor of the store points to the showcase that was pried open to access some of the expensive items on display

Azim and Sons Fashions at the Vreed-en-Hoop junction is the latest business establishment to be hit by burglars. The thieves carted off over $6M in stocks.
According to the proprietor, Azim Ibrahim, after locking up the premises on Wednesday afternoon, he was greeted by a ransacked building when he opened for business yesterday morning.
Ibrahim said at the rear of his business entity contractors were attaching a section for a toilet facility, however, it was incomplete and had a space for persons to pass through, but there was a door nailed shut to prevent entry into the building.
The frustrated businessman related that when he entered the building he noticed the rear door had been pried open and the entire place was in disarray with the majority of stocks missing.
He opined that the perpetrators had to have knowledge of the construction that was taking placed at the rear of the building and after they visited the business entity under the guise of being customers, they executed their plan.
“They take away all the expensive clothes, all the brand name skirts, pants, bags, cologne, Rolex watches and cameras. They know what they were after. When I count up everything is over six million dollars.”
Adding that he is contemplating security cameras for the business, Ibrahim said that this was the first occasion that his business had been burgled, and he hoped the police capture the robbers at the end of their investigations, since seven of his employees are now without a job as a result.

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