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As I was saying before life interrupted…
Bill Cotton/Reform is back in town to slice through hyperbole and lies, find and expose the mediocre or malevolent, praise the excellent, help the afflicted but most of all to have fun. Readers you decide whether to laugh or cry.
My Citizen Kane figure (have you seen his new office-swanky or what!) gave me one steer. Start gently. After all there is room for one pit bull terrier in the SN backyard, is there not? I have lost most of my hair but not my bite.
So, let’s start with service. Welcome to the Caribbean.Item one; Caribbean Airlines Trinidad. Service desk (soi disant).
Me: ‘Can I use my miles to upgrade?’
Service person: ‘Sorry sir. You have to give us twenty-four hours notice of that!’
I see Liat has closed its Georgetown office. How will I be able to tell? All it ever did was give you the taxi fare to CJIA to pick up the bag it had failed to bring the day before from Barbados!
Item two: CJIA immigration after 24 hours of travelling in my case. We all queue neatly in five lines according to citizenship. Then first one, then two immigration officers announce that their machines are not working and we have to form three lines.
Chaos and confusion. Bill is not convinced them computers work anyway and if they do can the many officers not look at an airline timetable, work out when the flights are coming in and test them in advance?
The science of propulsion it is not, but this is no way to say ‘Welcome to Guyana’. Minister Manny, get a grip there and call pon ‘de revelant authorities’ to do their jobs.
Finally a metaphor. Bill banged on for years in this rag and his previous one about how the lack of traffic lights in GT especially, reflected an anarchic society. Then Bharrat got dem Indians to come and install those lovely solar powered lights. Nirvana? But not for long.
Bill sees that some of them magic lights are as you Guyanese say ‘bruk’ and not been fixed. You have an anarchic and an ordered traffic flow and society according to where you live and drive. Not impressive. Bring back the Indians. Get a grip Minister Robeson Benn and soon!!
So a gentle Bill for starters. It won’t always be so. Watch out charlatans or just plain BS merchants. Bill is back on patrol. Mind your language and your behaviour. Bill’s pen is scatter-gun; he takes no prisoners left, right or centre. Until tomorrow, partners I end in a familiar way.
Pip! Pip!

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