Another mystery fire hits Enmore house

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Roschell Jagmohan

A fireman goes through the debris for clues from yesterday’s fire.

– as family prepares to bury burnt toddler

Just two days after her three-year-old son was burnt to death while sleeping on his bed, Roschell Jagmohan was forced to deal with another mystery fire that again threatened to destroy the lot 7 Blossom Scheme, Enmore, East Coast Demerara family house she is living in.
This time around, the fire damaged a bed and other household items in a bottom flat bedroom that is occupied by her brother-in-law, Parasram Ramlagan.
Again no one could say what caused the fire but there is much speculation, including supernatural occurrences.
Except for a part of a mattress and a few pieces of clothing, the actual room was not damaged as neighbours successfully put out the blaze.
The occupant of the room was not at home at the time the fire started and investigators from the fire department and the police could not immediately say what the cause was.
Jagmohan who is still mourning the loss of her son, Tony Ramlagan, told the media yesterday that she was sitting at the front of the yard with her daughter and two other relatives when an alarm was raised.
“All I do was grab she (daughter) because I remember my son. I run with she and start holler fuh fire. Dem neighbours come with bucket and throw,” Jagmohan told this newspaper yesterday.
Coming so close on the heels of Tuesday’s tragedy, Jagmohan and other family members are baffled by the occurrences, especially since in both cases the fires started on mattresses.
Electricity has almost been ruled out and the family is certain that there was nothing in the rooms that could have caused the fires.
Parasram Ramlagan, who occupies the burnt-out bottom flat room, told the media that he has not cooked since his nephew was burnt and added that he does not smoke or use mosquito coils.
Both he and Jagmohan claimed to have no problems with anyone.
“It bothering me. I don’t know what is going on,” Jagmohan said, adding that she hopes to bury her son today after a post mortem examination is done.

Another mystery fire hit the Enmore house where three-year-old Tony Ramlagan was severely burnt. The toddler succumbed to his injuries.

“Is better de house de bun than the baby wha dead,” her brother-in-law told the media.
On Tuesday, last, Tony Ramlagan sustained burns to his entire body while he was asleep in a bedroom in the upper flat of the house. He died the following day at the Georgetown Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.
His mother had told this newspaper that the fire started at around 11:30hrs in the front bedroom of the house while she was in the kitchen preparing a meal.
“I put he down on de bed and went to cook, and I check back on he and he was sleeping, and while I de cooking I turn around and see smoke coming out from de bedroom.”
The woman related that she immediately raised an alarm, by which time neighbours had noticed the blaze.
Police say that while the occurrences are strange they have no suspicions about anyone, although they have questioned Jagmohan extensively.
A source close to the investigation said that there might be some difficulty in finding the cause of the first fire, as the occupants of the house had already cleaned up the premises. Kaieteur News understands that the remnants of the burnt bed and other items that were in the room, including a fan, were all been removed.

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