Fire scare on Regent Street

May 12, 2011 | By | Filed Under News 

Firemen working through the old wooden building to contain the small blaze

Pandemonium broke out on Regent Street, yesterday, when screams of ‘fire!’ were sounded from store owners and vendors nearby the “Shoppers Paradise” building located at Lot 104, after smoke emanated from the area aback of the store.
When Kaieteur News arrived at the scene firefighters had already managed to contain the small blaze and heavily armed policemen were patrolling in an effort to deter potential looters and those inclined to cause confusion.
A number of curious onlookers were lined up in front of the GuyOil Fuel Station and other stores on Regent Street opposite “Shoppers Paradise”, which is located between Wellington and Camp Streets.
This newspaper understands that the fire began at an abandoned structure located at the back of the building that was locked up for months and which nobody had access to.
The fire appeared to have been started at the roof of the building and persons are of the impression that it was the work of roving drug addicts. The building did not have electricity.

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