Dem boys seh… Sithe Global invite de public to a sou-sou party

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Is strange but it look like if people ain’t too worried about de hydro project dem getting. De thing cost nuff money and dem boys believe that because is nuff money people can’t imagine so much money suh dem keeping far from de project.
Well de other day dem had wha dem call public forum. Dem hold one at Linden and a handful of people tun up. Dem hold another in de city and another handful tun up. Is that wha mek dem boys tek notice. De people organize de thing fuh de Sithe Global people meet and sou-sou. Is wha wrang wid dem?
Dem boys go fuh ask question but de organizer tell dem that dem got to ask de question one on one. De other person mustn’t hear de question wha de next person ask. Dem boys get vex. Dem suddenly realise that if two people ask de same question then de Sithe Global people can give two different answer and nobody would know.
De thing that bother dem boys was that de Sithe Global people put whole page ad in de newspaper and inviting people to come and have their say. When dem boys go to de thing dem find that dem can only have a private say.
Well dem boys decide to hold down de people. Dey two eye open big. Then dem boys bring out de cameras and de mike. Is then de questions shoot. One man ask bout money, one ask bout Fip and de licence he get and how much he sell it for; one man ask bout how much profit Sithe Global gun mek; dem ask about how much de project gun cost; how much money Sithe Global putting. Was nuff question and dem people sweat. When things get more than dem a woman claim how dem got to meet other people to answer dem question. This time all de people stand round listening to de question and de answer.
Dem boys willing to bet that after that day Sithe Global done wid any public forum. From now on dem gun plan events sloooooowly and dem gun act caaaautiously because Fip wukking slooooowly to finish de road. Since dem come fuh sou-sou the whole coo-coo party bruck up.
Talk half. Lef half.

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