Attempt to torch NAACIE boss’ house fails

May 12, 2011 | By | Filed Under News 

Kenneth Joseph

Police are investigating a report of an attempt to set afire the residence of NAACIE General Secretary Kenneth Joseph late Tuesday night.
Reports reaching this newspaper stated that quick action by the man’s brother, 51-year old Neil Joseph, saved the three-storey wooden and concrete building situated at 64 High Street, Kingston, from going up in flames.
According to the police, the union leader claimed that he left the premises with his brother inside at around 16:00 hours on Tuesday. The brother told police that he was on the second floor in the bathroom when he heard a noise coming from a fence on the southern side of the building and upon looking through a window he saw flames on a green plastic table near to a gas cylinder.
Neil Joseph further claimed that he saw a man jumping the fence.
Joseph subsequently went downstairs and extinguished the fire before any major damage was done. He then reported the incident to the police.
A motive for the attempted arson has not yet been established.

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