Region 6 RDC signs contracts for community roads

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Several contracts for the construction of community roads were signed on Saturday at the Boardroom of the Region 6 Administration. According to Regional Chairman of Region 6, Zulfikar Mustapha, contracts have been signed for some 225 community roads across the region from last year to present, not including 72 urban roads that have been rehabilitated across Region 6.
He warned residents to be cognizant of the execution of works by the contractors and to report immediately to the administration any deviation from the stipulated contracts. Bill of Quantities and the specifications were distributed to various community representatives on Saturday.
“The residents must sign on the final works certificate before the contractor is paid. You will have power in your hand if the road is not suitable. We don’t want to go into a community and do a road where people are ‘dissatisfied’. We are going into the community to ensure we improve the lives of their residents.”
Mustapha mentioned instances in which a few contractors who did repairs at Albion, Canje and Number 54 Villages had done substandard road works.
“We have not paid the final payments as yet”, he said. He noted that they would not be paid unless remedial works are carried out on those faulty roads.
The Chairman lashed out at opposition elements in Region 6 for misleading the public about the development he is convinced is taking place in the region.
“We must not criticise alone but we must also look at the bright side. You have certain people, no matter what we do as a government, if you bring God into this Berbice, they still criticising, they only want to criticise, nothing else; very bitter, very negative and those people who want to run our government, lie to misinform the people. As Regional Chairman, I don’t listen to them too much; I don’t take them on too much because they have tainted characters. I don’t want to be political now.
When the election campaign starts, I will be very, very political and then people will know their characters who want to run this country and the kind of things they’ve been doing and hiding behind”, he said.

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