Man undergoes surgery to remove Rambo knife stuck in neck

May 9, 2011 | By | Filed Under News 

An East La Penitence man who tried to part a fight between a warring couple, last night ended up with a knife in his neck.
Eon Davidson, 49 underwent emergency to remove the knife after efforts by his relatives failed.
This newspaper was told that sometime around 19:30 hours Davidson’s neighbours were having their usual drunken quarrel during which other residents in the community tried to intervene.
The injured man’s sister-in-law Marian told Kaieteur News that she too tried to intervene to separate the couple but she backed off when one of them “Pelt a cuff” at her.
She said that Davidson, a father of eight, sensing that the feud was getting more violent moved in to part them.
“All I hear is ‘Marian dey juk me’,” the woman recalled.
She said that both the man and his wife ran away immediately after Davidson collapsed with the knife stuck in his neck.
“De knife deh in he neck and it can’t come out, it stick. We ain’t know how far it gone in. He was bleeding bad,” Marian stated.
She could not say which one of the warring couple had inflicted the wound, since they both denied doing so.
Up to press time neither of the two was arrested.

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