Lethem mortuary not functioning for over one month

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Residents of Lethem are now wondering who will fix the mortuary which has not been functioning for weeks.
Reports are that the mortuary which plays an integral part in areas such as Lethem, Saint Ignatius and others has been out of operation for at least a week.
One resident stated that he personally visited the local hospital and spoke with the Regional Health Officer of that area and was reassured that the matter would be “rectified most expeditiously”.
Though weeks had passed and the situation was not altered in any way, the resident then contacted the Regional Executive Officer (REO) on April 28.
It is alleged that the REO admitted that he was “only made aware of the matter a few days ago”.
The REO then summoned the resident technician and reportedly instructed him to “look into the situation,” which he did.
Kaieteur News was told that the mortuary was in need of “just one part to have the freezer in the mortuary operational.”
According to sources, the technician went to Brazil (Boa Vista) to purchase the part but was unsuccessful in locating it.
The REO then promised that the technician would be sent to Georgetown to get the component.
However; to date, the mortuary is still out of operation.
Only a few days ago, James Johnson travelled to Brazil for medical treatment and returned home dead. Relatives had to bury his remains immediately since the mortuary was not operational and the body could not be “kept frozen” as per norm.
One resident explained that he knew of a family that had to purchase ice worth over $10,000 from Brazil to utilise on the body of their deceased relative in order to “store it for two days.”

The Lethem mortuary which has been out of operation for a month

They had to hurriedly bury the body after the ice ran out.
Residents are wondering if authorities do not deem the operations of the mortuary as important since it hampers the proper storage of the remains of their loved ones.

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