Le Repentir dumpsite to be closed in three months

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– Puran Brothers begins $64 million works

Works for the final closing of the Le Repentir dumpsite has finally begun as the contract has been awarded to Puran Brothers.
According to Government Engineer Walter Willis, the closing of the site has been contracted out at a cost of $64,473,700 and works at the site began on April 29 last.
Willis said that the works are expected to be completed in three months time since the contract has a three months duration period.
The closing of the site includes the stabilizing of the side slopes of the pile of garbage, compacting the garbage, inserting of vents for dissipation of the gases mainly methane and carbon dioxide and then covering with 18 inches of clay.
Willis had pointed out in an earlier interview that these same methods were used to close the other parts of the dump site and to date there has been no issues with the sites that have been closed.
During the latter part of 2010 the closing of the site which had started had to be halted to facilitate more garbage since the Haags Bosch site was not ready.
That work was also contracted out to Puran Brothers at a cost of $40M.
However, given the fact that new areas in the Le Repentir Cemetery were used up, discussion was held with the Inter American Development to discuss the new magnitude of work which needed to be done for the final closing.
In February the tender was advertised for the contract and it was awarded to Puran Brothers.
For several months now persons living within the environs of the dumpsite have been calling on the relevant authorities to look into the matter of fully closing the site which is a serious health hazard.
Mostly persons in the area has been suffering as a result of fires which some authorities say were as a result of spontaneous combustion while other say the fires were caused by ‘junkies’ who were looking for scrap metal and copper wire.

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