Dem boys seh….People want shut down school

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These days everybody want to do something that dem think gun mek money. Some young people don’t even want to go to school because dem claim that nuff of de rich people didn’t go to school and dem ain’t got to worry.
In fact, dem boys seh that when dem look around dem seeing people who mek money and dem didn’t have no big education. Dem point to some of dem government ministers. One man even point to some contractors.
And dem look at nuff people who go to school and get education and dem poor. Dem boys seh that it now tun out that de dunce people passing order to dem bright ones and when dem done dem gather dem dunce friends and go to all dem big night club and eat de most expensive food and drink de most expensive likker.
That is how a certain big one sleeping and he son wake he up. De man ask he son if de conversation couldn’t wait but de boy claim that it important because de future was at stake. And dem boys hear that de boy even tell de old man that de family could get rich.
Well when de man hear bout money de sleep lef he eye. He feel like how Fip feel when he hear that de government gun give he US $15 million. In fact, Fip send out and buy Chinee food and he tell he neighbor fuh kill a sheep because was celebration time. He start fuh spend money even before he start de project.
Dem boys hear when de father ask he son fuh explain and dem hear when de boy tell he that he want to go into organized crime.  De father blink then he ask one question.
“Government or private sector?”  De boy still blinking.
Talk half. Lef half.

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