Bandits hack off part of grocer’s ear

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– residents vow to take matters into their own hands

Four armed and masked bandits chopped off part of a businessman’s ear after invading his grocery store at Number 11 Farm, Corentyne at around midnight on Saturday.
Deochand Deochand Hemchand was brutally chopped and beaten after he resisted the bandits, who eventually fled with a substantial sum of cash, and jewelry. They also made off with several phone cards.

The injured Deochand Hemchand

The victim’s three-year-old son witnessed the entire ordeal and remains traumatized.
The family has a grocery store in the bottom flat of their wood and concrete house.
Hemchand’s wife, Baby Hemchand called Yougeeta, said the family had retired to bed, when she was awakened by the sound of about three gun shots.
She stated that her husband armed himself with a cutlass and got up. At the same time, four masked men burst through the bedroom window, by smashing the glass.
She said that her husband attempted to chop the men who evaded the blows and managed to disarm her spouse.
The robbers then proceeded to beat and chop the grocer on the arms, back and head.
He was also beaten with the cutlass.
As two bandits were attacking the businessman, the others were demanding money and jewelry.
Meanwhile, another robber stayed outside and was shooting to keep the neighbours at bay.
Eventually, the bandits gathered up cash, jewelry, and phone cards and eventually fled, firing shots at nearby houses and shattering windows in the process.
Hemchand was then rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital.
His three year old son, upon seeing his father in hospital started to scream and had to be taken outside.
Hemchand’s wife said that the stolen cash included the  day’s sales and monies that were to be used to pay off debts.
She stated that this is the third time in less than two years that the family has been robbed.
She stated that her husband had applied for a firearm for some time now and even had an audience with the Minister of Home affairs, all to no avail.
The woman said that she would like an audience with the President to state their plight.
Meanwhile, residents complained about the length of time it took police to respond.  They alleged that calls to 911 went unanswered and they say it took police about 45 minutes to respond.
Two residents, Leonard Mc Clean and Andrew Mayers, queried why the area was not given street lights.
They stated that the entire No. 19 area has been left out of the street lighting process.

The house where the robbery took place.

“The only time we see people (officials) here is when something happen, when the place flood, or some other tragedy and when they want us to vote”, one resident said.
“We need to see the President or we will take matters in our own hands.”

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