Guyana Karate College hosts successful grading exercise

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Karate history was made on Sunday last when the Guyana Karate College participated in the biggest ever Dan level examinations held under the watchful eyes of Master Frank Woon-a-Tai and for the first time, under the auspices of the International Karate Daigaku (IKD).
The IKD is the newest worldwide karate organisation based out of Toronto, Ontario, dedicated to the teachings of Masters Funakoshi and Nakayama , and where all aspects of karate is being studied and analyzed including: philosophy, physical education and fitness, self defence, and sport.

Some of the Karatekas involved in the Grading exercise from left, Roger Peroune, Claire Martelly, Eric Hing, Terrence Nicholas, Jeffrey Wong, Guy Low, Lavern Jones, Chetram Mortley and Penny Jaipersaud.

Leading the Dan rankings for the GKC were Sensei Jeffrey Wong who obtained a 6th Dan – Rokudan ranking, Dr. Guy Low 5th Dan – Godan ranking, Lavern Jones 5th Dan – Godan ranking, Terrence Nicholas 4th Dan – Yondan ranking, Chetram Mortley 4th Dan – Yondan ranking, Eric Hing 3rd Dan – Sandan ranking, and Roger Peroune 2nd Dan – Nidan ranking.
Additionally, Sensei Wong who is the Senior Instructor and Vice Chairman of the Guyana Karate College was awarded licenses by the International Karate Daigaku as a Judge, Instructor and Examiner.
The International Karate Daigaku (IKD) headed by Karate Master Frank Woon-a-Tai uses a grading system, known as the Kyu/Dan system that was adopted from Judo in 1924. The Kyu system uses a number of coloured belts to represent different standards of mudansha (one without dan) ability, ranging from 10th kyu as the lowest standard of karateka, to 1st kyu, which precedes black belt (the highest colour belt to be gained).
Once black belt is achieved, the karateka becomes a yudansha (one with dan) and begins to progress from shodan (first dan) through numeric levels of dan. To pass a grading, karatekas are required to demonstrate specified kihon techniques, kata and kumite drills.
On Friday last, April 29,  the Guyana Karate College held their grading examinations at the Malteenoes Sports Club, Thomas Lands  for more than one hundred karatekas all of whom successfully moved up a rank with even 35 students skipping a belt from the GKC’s various dojos including the Malteenoes Sports Club, Timehri, Marian Academy and Girl Guides Pavilion.
Leading the successful karatekas graded were Black Belt recipients Jennifer Rameshwar, Mark Wong, Roland Fanfair, Simonica Fanfair and Radesh Mohan, Brown Belt 1st kyu Travis Arjune, Brown Belt 2nd kyu Tyler Orderson, Alyssa Persaud, Sara Hassan, Desmond Fernandes and Michael Hing and Brown Belt 3rd kyu John Mc Grath, Wayne Kendall, Sara Hassan, Mathew Hurry, Alliyah Seeram, Shem Wilkie and Carlos Gonsalves. Receiving Dan rankings was Penny Jaipersaud who is now a 2nd Dan – Nidan
Special mention was made of Timehri, the newest dojo of the GKC whose students performed extremely well with most of their Karatekas skipping a belt.

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