Dem boys seh…Somebody encouraging people fuh lie

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All of a sudden dem boys wake up and find that de government asking fuh all kind of qualification before dem give out contract. Fip mussy had to forge he own because he get a contract and he nah got nutten. Brassy tell everybody that once you live overseas you don’t have to get any of de things dem want from dem people in Guyana.
Fip never even show he tax returns and dem boys seh that he still owe de IRS US$24,000.
Now Bharrat announce de laptop programme which he seh that 90.000 poor families gun get. When dem boys check de qualification fuh put in a bid this is what dem see. “Qualifications requirements include: evidence of technical experience and financial capacity; manufacturer’s authorization and warranty; audited financial statements for the past three years from a recognized/authorized agency; local in-country capacity to maintain manufacturer’s warranty; and submission of the bid security. A margin of preference for eligible domestic bids shall not be applied.”
Dem boys seh that Fip was bruck when he get de contract. Any money he get is wha Brassy lend he and wha Bharrat give he.
Who audit Fip statements? How much tabeej he sell? How much sari he import and how much diya he order? He does sell shrimp and caca belly—a li’l fish that dem experts does call million.
Who in Guyana can meet this contract fuh provide dem laptop? Chris Ram can audit but from de time Bharrat see he name is cuss. You done lose de contract.
Then dem boys see de security part. Unless dem get de same security that Fip get. He didn’t have money but de insurance company claim how dem back him because de government support de project.
One requirement is financial capacity. That is big word fuh money at hand. Fuh bring in de first 27,000 within 30 days dem boys seh if you pay US$100 each is US$2.7 million you must have.
Dem want fuh know if dem who bid got that kind of money, or if dem gun get advance from de government backing. One of dem live in a fowl pen. That is wha dem boys seh.
Is corruption dem encouraging.
Talk half. Lef half.

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