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March 3, 2011 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor,
I think that it is time “we the people” make it quite clear that we will not allow our public or civil servants to denigrate or abuse our fellow citizens.
I say this because I seriously take issue with Mr. Azeem Khan’s letter in yesterday’s issue (02-03-11, captioned, “The ERC takes on Anthony Vieira”.
I know that Tony is able and capable of defending himself so I will not attempt to do so. Instead I wish to condemn the intemperate and inappropriate use of language that amounts to abuse of Mr. Vieira by Mr. Khan. “It seems that he has emerged with his thoughts more addled than before he went into hibernation…” is abuse.
He is likening Mr. Vieira to an animal, “Normal humans emerging from a period of rest are usually clear headed and full of new ideas. This seems not to be the case with Mr. Vieira”.
What does Mr. Khan mean by the term normal humans? It is obvious that he is inferring that Mr. Vieira is not a normal person. This coming from a public official cannot be allowed and I demand that he apologise via the letter columns. If he doesn’t, I will visit his office with a video camera and ensure that he do so.
We allow too much of this nonsense by our public officials to go without being condemned. It’s time for this to stop.
But then why should I condemn Mr. Khan when he is just possibly following the example set by our Chief Citizen, His Excellency?
Guess this just shows the bankruptcy of intelligence and verbal finesse of those that strides the corridors of power.
M. London

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