Man molests 10-year-old girl at her Herstelling home

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With more and more laws being enacted to protect children from pedophiles and from being harassed in any form possible, it seems as if even their own flesh and blood cannot be trusted.
Individuals who knew these children from birth are also not exempt as another report of child molestation was filed at the Providence Police Station on Thursday.
In this case, a 40-year-old man who resides at Eccles, East Bank Demerara, is currently in police custody after it was alleged that he molested a 10-year-old girl at her home in Herstelling, EBD, on Thursday afternoon.
Kaieteur News was told that the little girl, her brother, her mother and the mother’s reputed husband, and two family friends (a couple) occupied a house in Herstelling which belonged to the man. The mother of the child has known the man for over 10 years.
The alleged pedophile allowed the small family to live in the house since he was in need of caretakers for the house. His wife had died some years before and he was left to raise his two young daughters at their home in Eccles so that he would not be able to live at the home in Herstelling and did not want it to be “empty”.
When Kaieteur News spoke with the child’s mother last evening, she explained that on the day in question, the man visited her at her workplace and offered to help conduct some repairs to the house after she complained that the house had broken windows and rotten wood which allowed rain to enter her home and soak her belongings.
The mother stated that this was the second time the man would have been in the house after she occupied it, the first time being when the family had just moved in and everyone was home.
The little girl quietly told a Kaieteur News reporter that she was on her way home from school and had stopped to purchase “chips” to eat, when she saw the man approaching her. She did not think anything of it, since she was aware that they were living in the house that belonged to him.
The child stated that the man explained that he was to “do some repairs” on their home and would take her home, since he was on his way to the house, and she would help identify areas that needed to be “worked on”.
This newspaper understands that the man “went into” her mother’s room and “checked around the place”. Meanwhile, she was changing into “home clothes”.
She went to sit in the hammock located in their small verandah and the man subsequently entered the hammock to “sit with her” while he talked a little about the house.
According to the girl, the man suddenly put his hand over her mouth, held her hands down and “felt” her up.
She said that she was stunned by this attack and tried to squirm of his embrace but he tried to cajole her by saying that he usually “feels up” his daughter(s), “sucks their breasts” and even enters their rooms when he was naked.
He then proceeded to “squeeze her up” and pushed his hand in her vagina, then zipped down his pants and pulled her hand to place on his private parts, but she said that she pulled her hand away at that point.
What the man did not know was that the couple, who was staying in the house also, was in a smaller section of the house resting, but the young woman had seen the man enter with the little girl and overheard the conversation that he was there in connection to conducting repairs on the house.
When the young woman did not hear any movement or sounds in the house after a prolonged period of time, she “peeped out of the window” and saw the man molesting the child.
She saw the man “forcibly holding the girl down on his stomach and tried to kiss her” after which she rushed to alert her husband.
At that point, both she and her husband rushed out, to confront the man, but not before sending the little girl across to a neighbour as an excuse of not having the girl present during the confrontation.
The man claimed that it was all lies and that he “didn’t do nothing”. Then he walked out of the house and stopped at the gate to smoke a cigarette. The couple alerted the neighbours of what the man had done and as news spread like fire, more and more residents became aware of the man’s actions.
Kaieteur News was told that as he walked through the street in Herstelling, a number of villagers (men and young boys) apprehended him and gave him a “sound thrashing” while the girl’s 16-year-old brother who by then became aware of what transpired, rushed to his mother’s workplace and notified her that she needed to go to the police station to make a report.
By the time police ranks arrived, the man was badly beaten. The mother and child were taken to the hospital to have a medical examination conducted. The police are currently conducting further investigations.
Kaieteur News understands that the man’s wife died some years ago and he was left to raise his two daughters single-handedly.
The little girl’s mother who was visibly shaken as her daughter recounted the incident said that all she wanted was for justice to be served. Her ex-husband who was also present during the conversations between this newspaper and the family stated that he doesn’t know how a man can do such a heinous act.
He said, “That man lucky I didn’t get to him…they had to hold me back”.

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