Female scam artist caught on camera

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– hands over money after traced to city bus park

A female scam artist led a Campbellville businessman on a merry chase Monday shortly after she managed to swindle his establishment of thousands of dollars worth of sodas and cigarettes.
Now, Yogindra Persaud, owner of the D. Boodhan and Daughter General Store, is warning other shop owners to be on the lookout for the woman who is believed to have fleeced several persons on the East Coast of Demerara.
The woman, well-dressed and sporting gold bangles and a cell phone on which she was seen talking incessantly, was caught on camera at the businessman’s place at Stone Avenue and Pike Street, Campbellville. She seemed unaware that there were surveillance cameras installed at the premises.
According to Persaud, the shop was packed with the midday crowd when the woman, well dressed and believed to be in her 40s, arrived.
She waited until the crowd eased but was seen on her phone for several minutes, in an obvious attempt to impress the workers there.
“She ordered several things and then she say that she don’t have the money.”
The businessman said that the woman claimed to own a roadside stall two blocks away and did not have enough money since she “did not cater” to buy so many things.
“She said that she was buying them because we selling cheap.”
The businessman said that there were some suspicions that everything was not alright, and even more care was taken after one of his employees told him that similar stories were used to scam people of thousands of dollars on the East Coast.
“We decided to give her the things after she agreed for my worker to accompany her in the taxi.”
However, the woman did not stop at the corner where she claimed to have her stand.
She allowed the taxi driver to proceed along several streets before reaching Vlissengen Road, near Sandy Babb Street, Kitty.
“She received a phone call from someone and she told my worker that her husband had paid off the bill.”
Persaud claimed that the woman racked up a bill of over $19,000. She ordered cartons of Pall Mall and Bristol cigarettes and a case of Smalta, among other items, but only had paid $4,900.
The employee, convinced that everything was alright, came out of the taxi and the woman entered a minibus heading for the park.
“I called my staff and he tell me that the woman say that the bill was paid by her husband. Right away I realized that she was trying to rob us.”
Persaud immediately jumped into his vehicle and raced down to Vlissengen Road where he picked up his staff and then headed to the park. He managed to locate the minibus and the driver told him where he dropped the woman off.

Yogindra Persaud, owner of D. Boodhan and Daughter General Store in Campbellville, claims that the woman in this video surveillance image tried to scam his business on Monday last.

“He said that he left her by the Bank of Baroda. We went there and saw the stuff with a vendor there.”
According to Persaud, the vendor claimed that the woman had left it there and had gone in search of a taxi.
Persaud and his employee decided to wait on her, out of sight. Sure enough, the unsuspecting woman returned and the two men emerged and held onto her.
“She did not say a word. She took out the $15,000 and handed it over.”
The businessman disclosed that he did not alert the police since the woman paid.
“But I don’t want anybody else to go through that experience. She deliberately came and tried to rob us.”
Since the news broke, a number of other business persons have come forward to claim that the same woman fleeced them. At least four stallholders in the La Penitence Market made similar claims and headed to Brickdam Police Station where there were reports that the woman was in custody.

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