Teacher videos self having sex with school girl

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A large contingent of Berbice police, including Commander of ‘B’ Division Steven Merai, touched down at the Fort Wellington Secondary School West Coast Berbice and arrested 25-year-old Ronald Ford.
Ford, a teacher, is to be charged with indecent assault of a female student at the school. The student is under the age of 16.
According to reports, a convoy of vehicles with heavily-armed policemen visited the school at mid-morning yesterday and immediately arrested the educator. He was seen leaving in handcuffs.

The Fort Wellington School

The individual was brought across to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam and is expected to appear in court today.
Region Five Education Officer, Mrs Urlene Crandon, expressed shock at the report and said that she was not aware of anything of the sort since she had been at a meeting all day.
She further stated that she was not notified of the matter and as such would be meeting with the school’s head teacher today.
Reports from Fort Wellington stated that the incident was sparked by the discovery of a cellular phone that appeared to have been dropped.
The finder scanned the phone and stumbled on the video of the teacher having sex with the student on two benches in the school.
The female student reportedly was not too keen on the act but the teacher was overheard saying that it was the last day of school.
There is also video evidence that the two had a relationship since they were captured on camera, kissing on more than one occasion. Whoever found the phone reportedly forwarded it to a Government Minister who in turn forwarded it to detectives in the city.

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