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Dear Editor,
The Kaieteur News always gets the biggest news stories first and faster than any other newspaper in Guyana. The murder at Clifton Settlement on the Corentyne last Wednesday evening, (19-01-11) is one of many instances when this newspaper has demonstrated its solid and serious commitment to keeping Guyanese up-to-date with the latest news, even when they happen in far-out communities and at very late hours of the night.
Kaieteur News was the only newspaper to carry the story of the murder the following day. It was only after this that all other media learnt of the event and rushed to the scene. Their reports, of course, were late and carried until two days later, Friday.  There are many other instances when news would arrive first on the pages of the Kaieteur News.
Kaieteur News, therefore, is the newspaper that always breaks the major news stories first to the nation.
Perhaps this is the major reason why this newspaper is always the first to be sold out on a daily basis. Keep going strong, KN. The public will always continue to support you.
Name and address withheld

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