Suriname arrests Guyanese, seize guns, cars, millions

January 6, 2011 | By | Filed Under News 

Suriname authorities have seized drugs, cars, and arrested a Guyanese businessman during an operation Monday.

Suriname authorities on Monday arrested four men, including a Guyanese businessman, breaking up what has been described as a major drug ring operation.
The businessman has been identified as a former policeman who was arrested in connection with a drug bust in the Mazaruni and who shot a Princes Street man in his mouth, causing his death.
While the news agency of that Dutch-speaking neighbouring country did not immediately name the local businessman, it reported that 28 kilograms of cocaine and a large quantity of US currency said to be some US$146,950, were seized in an operation. The operations by law enforcement officials of that country stemmed from surveillance.
Seized too, were two handguns, a motorcycle, and two cars.
It was disclosed that Suriname police, assisted by personnel from the Judicial Service and the Arrest Team swooped down on two locations in that South American country on Monday.
The four men, ages ranging from 30 to 50 years, included three of whom are of Surinamese nationality.
Investigators believed that the gang has for some time now been smuggling drugs to Suriname from Guyana for local sale and export.

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