Region Six sees completion of capital works in 2010

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The Regional Administration of Region 6 held its final press conference for 2010 yesterday and disclosed that the total expenditure of its work programme is $298.9M.
According to Regional Chairman, Zulfikar Mustapha, the bulk of the spending came from drainage and irrigation works totaling some $102M. Several sluices and canals across the region were rehabilitated since the region has been prone to numerous floods and inundation of water in times past.
Road works across the region totaled $56M. Thirteen new community roads were constructed along with another 71 roads which were rehabilitated with assistance from the Ministry of Works.
Mustapha said that 94 roads are at the bidding stage and works would begin shortly. He noted that a contract has been awarded for the rehabilitation of Rampersaud’s Avenue in Canje and works should commence as soon as other road construction ends in the area. The resurfacing of the East Canje Public road is well underway, while the West Canje road project would commence shortly.
The entire East Canje roadway is being resurfaced with a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
In the town of New Amsterdam, 34 roads have been rehabilitated under the government’s work programme. While the town falls under the purview of the Mayor and Town Council, works on the Smythfield roads have been completed. Rehabilitation of several Stanleytown roads as well as roads in Corriverton and Rose Hall has been carried out.
A total of $37M was spent in the education sector in 2010. There were extensions and repairs that were done to several schools, including New Amsterdam Multilateral. He noted that even though $9M was spent on furniture for schools, there is still a great need which exists at various institutions. A needs assessment is being carried out, he said, and schools will start to receive more furniture when the new term commences.
The drugs bond attached to the New Amsterdam and Mental Hospitals was rehabilitated and extended. More drugs, furniture, and dental equipment were acquired at a cost of $10M.
The expenditure of bridges in the region totaled $27M. The chairman said that some 11 new bridges were constructed including the Black Bush Polder, Liverpool and Manchester bridges on the Corentyne.
Also, a new vehicle for land and transport works was purchased at a cost of $8.5M.
Speaking about the much touted East Bank Berbice road, which has been the centre of much protest and fury by residents and taxi-drivers, the Regional Chairman said that some $15M in repairs are ongoing on the stretch of roadway. However, he stated that he has gotten the view of a technical advisor who said that $150M is needed to do a complete overhaul of the roadway. Mustapha said that this is being considered.  (Leon Suseran)

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