Man stabbed to death during drinking spree

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– suspect still at large

A brawl at a Diamond New Scheme house on Sunday night ended with a 24-year-old labourer being stabbed to death and his 19-year-old attacker fleeing the scene.
Ravindra Sookhoo, of Belle Vue, West Bank Demerara, died at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre from a stab wound in the region of the heart.
His alleged killer, known as ‘Kevin’, was still at large up to late yesterday.
Eyewitness accounts indicate that Sookhoo was the aggressor, and had pursued the suspect into the man’s bottom-house apartment when he sustained the fatal wound.

Dead: Ravindra Sookhoo

The men were imbibing alcohol at the First Street, Diamond Housing Scheme house with relatives when the altercation occurred.
Savatri Singh, the slain man’s wife, also indicated that her husband was the aggressor.
The woman said that she was putting on one of her son’s sandals when her spouse struck the child.
“I say ‘Why you do it?” and he slap me, and my brother-in-law (the suspect) ask ‘Why you slap she?’, and my husband ask ’You want do something?’ and they start scramble in the house.”
The woman said that another brother-in-law parted the men, and Kevin, the suspect, went into the kitchen before running to his apartment in the bottom flat.
She said that her husband then ran into the suspect’s apartment, but then ran outside shortly after with blood gushing from his chest.
“I put a shirt by his stomach and tell them call a taxi.”
The suspect, who was clutching a knife, ran out of the yard while they were tending to her husband.
She said her husband was eventually taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre in a pickup where he was given fluids intravenously.
“He hold my hand and it cold, and the blood start pitching from the wound…and they (the hospital staff) tell me come out of the room and I know that he dead.”
Another occupant of the house said that after fleeing the scene, the suspect and another man rode through the street on a bicycle. The man said that they contacted police ranks at the Diamond/Grove Police Station, but no one came.
He speculated that the suspect may try to flee to the interior where he works.

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