Gunmen attack, rob Riverview patrons

December 28, 2010 | By | Filed Under News 

Gun toting bandits descended on Zico Bar and Pool Shop in Riverview, Ruimveldt, at 19:35 hours last night, robbing patrons of money and gold Jewelry.
“Is a lucky thing that they ain’t see my gold teeth, because that woulda gone too…They come for money, gold and diamond. Everybody with silver jewelry get left. They ain’t want that,” one patron said.
Eyewitnesses in the area said that three men on bicycles visited the shop and brandished two handguns and a machine gun. “The one with the machine gun was standing and looking over the other two that was robbing everybody.”
He said that patrons were gun butted and robbed of their money, gold and diamond jewelry. “Is about seven gold chains, three gold bands, and six gold rings. Plenty people roll out after that robbery. Is about 13 gunshots ring out in the air when they riding out…Them just left shooting in the air, and up to now police ain’t come!
“A man jump on he scooter and ride behind them but he couldn’t have catch them.”
Some patrons were made to lie on the ground while the ordeal was taking place as stunned persons looked on. “Two brothers were robbed all their jewelry.”
Another man said that many people were left shocked at what had happened. The area has been attracting many robberies over the past years.
Last night’s attack appeared to have been precipitated by someone who had made a call to the bandits telling them that persons with valuables were in the area.
Another man said that it is a lucky thing he was ‘rolling his joint’ because they would have noticed his rings on his fingers. “People lose hundreds of thousands of dollars here; they just clean up the place and beat up people.”

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