Garbage-clogged Sussex Street canal causes flooding

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Residents of Sussex Street, Albouystown, and surrounding areas are peeved at the build up of garbage that has compromised the drainage system. It was pointed out by residents that the “garbage infested canal” has contributed to the flooding of the area and has caused major discomfort to the populace.

One of the many drains in Sussex Street clogged by garbage

On a tour of the garbage-clogged Sussex Street canal it was noted that the callous littering and wanton dumping of garbage in the drains and on the parapets caused major blockage to the free flow of water in a number of drains.
According to a city council official, residents of Albouystown have been urged repeatedly to desist from littering in the area since the municipality cannot take on all the burden. It needs residents to assist in the maintenance of drains and irrigations outlets.
The City Engineer lamented that flooding remains in some communities in the city because of indiscipline on the part of residents. This, he said, includes the blockage of roads, canals and waterways by building materials, Styrofoam and a general lack of appreciation of the harm that these materials can do to the drainage system. “Society has become indiscipline.”
According to Mayor Hamilton Green, Georgetown is below sea level and thus is prone to such watery dilemmas. As such, he warned that even with the ideal conditions, unless the outfall channels are cleared, they will compromise the rate at which the water runs off.
The municipality is appealing to citizens to form themselves into a community development group which could assist the sustainability of any exercise or activity to help keep the city clean.
Officials noted that prisoners should be used to clean up the city instead of having them just lay away in prison doing nothing much with their time and being care for with taxpayers’ money.

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