Another baby dies

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– relatives blame language barrier and inexperienced doctors….

“A language barrier and inexperienced doctors” are some of the things that caused his daughter-in-law Anita Forrester, 23, to lose her child, said Prince Forrester.
According to the man, his daughter in law delivered a still born at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Wednesday.
The man explained that his daughter in law, who hails from Leguan, was taken to the Leguan Hospital two weeks ago in an advanced stage of pregnancy.
Forrester said that she was transferred to West Demerara Regional Hospital on Friday. At the hospital the man said she was getting periodic pains.
The man explained that his daughter- in- law was being treated by a Cuban national who was not fluent in English. “She could barely communicate with us (relatives),” Forrester said.
He said that on Monday, about 09:00hrs the Cuban doctor inserted a pill (Cytotec) into the woman’s vagina to help induce labour.
Forrester said that his daughter-in-law had still not dilated.
He further told Kaieteur News that early Tuesday morning his daughter was seen by a nurse who told relatives that she would have to be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.
According to the man, during the examination the nurse inserted a second pill into the woman.
After given the second pill, the woman’s water bag burst but she did not deliver.
The man said her transfer to the Georgetown Public Hospital took some time since there were no drivers for the ambulance. The hospital eventually managed to get a driver.
The man further alleged that his daughter-in-law fell as she was about to enter the ambulance since he was given no help by the hospital.
Upon her arrival at the hospital she was immediately examined by the doctor. She was being prepared for surgery but delivered the baby vaginally in the examination room.
A post mortem conducted on the baby showed that strangulation from the umbilical cord was the cause of death.
An investigation into the death has been launched. Over the past two months a number of maternal deaths and infant deaths have been plaguing the Ministry of Health.

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