Pastor in custody for beating wife

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The members of the Bell West Orange Heights Baptist Church were left without a church leader yesterday after their pastor was detained for allegedly subjecting his wife to a horrific beating.
The 33-year-old woman, who had visible injuries to her face and upper body, alleged that she was kicked
several times by her spouse on Friday night.
She told Kaieteur News that the beating was not the first she had received at the hands of her husband but it was one of the worst.
She told Kaieteur News that she finally believed that his threats to kill her were serious after he tried to throw her off a second floor balcony.
This, she said, was enough to push her to flee from her home just before dawn the following day.
According to the pastor’s wife, the preacher had been drinking on Friday morning despite knowing he had an invitation to attend a family get-together.
He allegedly told her to accompany him, but she refused to do so alone, opting instead to take all of the children in the hopes that it might make him ‘behave himself’.
The family left the function and headed back across the Harbour Bridge at approximately 20:00hrs.
However, she said that less than 30 minutes after she had gone to bed, her spouse entered the bedroom and began to curse and fight with her, accusing her of being unfaithful, something she says he usually tells her.
She alleged that he began to punch and kick her.
He reportedly then told her to pack up and leave so she grabbed a bag, threw some clothes into the bag and went downstairs to leave.
The pastor’s wife said that she ran out of the house towards the back of the church, but her husband caught and proceeded to beat her behind the church.
At this point two of her teen-aged sons came out to plead with their father to stop, but he allegedly ordered them both back into the house and proceeded to drag Roshini into the house by her hair.
She said he dragged her up the inside stairwell and threw her into their bedroom and began to beat his two sons until unable to take it any longer the two boys ran from the home.
He reportedly then returned to the room and began beating his wife again.
She said that this beating was so severe that she grabbed anything at hand to defend herself, one of these items was a belt with a heavy buckle that struck the pastor in his head and left him bleeding.
She also admitted that while he was dragging her into the house her hands fell on a hammer with which she struck the arm that was encased in a cast, causing the cast to break.
She recounted that he took her to the back verandah and attempted to throw her over the balcony one leg at a time but she struggled furiously as she realised his intent.
Eventually the light at the neighbours’ came on and he gave up, dragging her inside the house where he started beating her again. Eventually with his rage worked off, his sons missing and his remaining children terrorised to the point of silence, the pastor allegedly ordered his wife to bed at 01:00hrs.
She said that when he fell asleep she fled the house, scaling a fence in the process.
She then made her way to a neighbour’s house and knocked on the door begging for a phone call.
On Saturday morning, the women went to the police station to report the matter.
The friend also contacted a women’s advocacy group, and two members accompanied the alleged victim to the Wales Police Station on Saturday night.
Police then detained the pastor.
A police official said that he will remain in custody until Monday, when he is likely to make his court appearance.

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