Lawsuits against opposition a new form of censorship – GPP

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The Guyana’s People Partnership (GPP) finds the lawsuit filed by the Peoples Progressive Party’s possible presidential candidate, Donald Ramotar against the Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan to be a rubber stamp approach to go after opposition candidates and television stations.
According to the GPP, “This seems to be a new form of censorship in addition to the monopoly of the state television and radio stations…The PPP/C has hired one of their fellow parliamentarian’s law firm to be the rubber stamp office on lawsuits.”
It was reported in the media that a lawsuit was filed on the GPP’s candidate Peter Ramsaroop by Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud using the same attorney who is representing Ramotar, namely PPP Parliamentarian, Anil Nandalall.
It was also reported that the Minister was suing Channel Seven and Ramsaroop for talking about the use of taxpayers’ money.
“Is this a new form of raising campaign funds for the PPP/C?”
According to the GPP, “The ostentatious spending and lifestyles of senior government functionaries especially compared to their lifestyles before their government appointments has gotten out of hand and raised many eyebrows…
Their fancy houses and luxury vehicles are clearly visible and the public wants to know how these are funded on their government pay cheques…”
According to the GPP, there are too many officials who are acquiring and flaunting great wealth while the public continues to suffer under among the highest tax burden in the region, especially when the terrible services provided by the government are considered.
“Out of every taxable one hundred dollars a citizen gives the government at least 54 dollars, thus only retaining 46 dollars (VAT at 16 per cent, PAYE at 33.3 per cent, NIS at 5.6 per cent…How do they expect the people of our nation to survive?”
The GPP called for officials to disclose their tax returns publicly. “Let us see where their wealth is coming from, how they get to own TV stations and have overseas investments.”

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