Farmer pinned to death by tractor

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How merry can this Christmas be for the Lall family? Just a few weeks after the shocking death of his seven-year-old daughter; Rohan Lall succumbed after being pinned down by the tractor he was driving in the rice field not far from his residence at lot 20 Perseverance, Mahaicony East Coast Demerara.
The discovery of Lall’s lifeless body, was made around 17:00 hrs Saturday afternoon. According to the family of the deceased, the tractor had turned over in a trench and pinned him down. Relatives said that he never had an accident in the farm prior to this. At the time when the accident occurred, Lall was said to have been alone in the farm. Relatives said that the tractor remained in the fields because it has ‘seized up’.
The 42 year old farmer fathered six children including a six month old. Relatives revealed that, about a month ago, the family suffered the loss of seven year old Lisa Lall, daughter of the deceased.

Dead: Robin Lall

According to relatives, Lisa was diagnosed with leukemia. They said that she died within a month after her diagnoses.
This came as a shock to Rohan and he was “never himself” since the day of her passing said his wife Jennifer Singh.
Singh, who was holding back her tears for the sake of her children, broke down as the story of her eldest child’s death was related to reporters. She said that “this is a lot to handle” especially at Christmas. The woman further revealed that she have not yet come to full realization that her first child have passed on- and “I will never get the chance to hug her again”- and then comes the death of her source of strength through the entire ordeal.
Natasha Lall, sister of the deceased, said that “when Lisa was sick Rohan did not sleep, she dead, he ain’t sleep, she bury he ain’t sleep, is only now he gone and sleep”.
She said that, before leaving the house, Rohan had asked about everyone.
The distraught sister, flashed back to two years ago when she had an illness. According to her, Rohan, “without thinking” made sure she was properly taken care of.
Friends, relatives and neighbours that were at the residence of the deceased had purely good things to say about him.
According to his nephew, Sham Seegobin, Rohan was one of the most peaceful persons he has ever known. He said that, when the land is bad in the farm “he would tell me stay home because he doesn’t want the tractor to turn over with me, now look wha happen”
Jennifer Lall, the victim’s daughter, who is just six years old, said that she loves her father very much and she misses him already. Her aunt said that the child is still looking out for the tractor to return in the yard because she thinks that, when the tractor comes her father is going to come too.
Relatives said that, not only was he a farmer, he was an “all rounder”. According to them, he would do everything he could to make an extra dollar that would contribute to the happiness of his family he was ready and willing.

The reputed wife, and two of the deceased children

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