Drunk urinating from verandah falls to death

December 20, 2010 | By | Filed Under News 

The usual Christmas preparations and celebrations for the Hinds family of Block 22 and Silvertown Wismar, Linden have been severely thwarted with the sudden and unexpected death of their relative 70-year-old Ludwig Hinds.
According to the dead man’s younger brother, Evereth Hinds, he had spoken to Ludwig for the last time shortly after 9pm on Saturday night. He reminisced sadly that his brother’s last words to him were, Evereth alluh try win da (domino) trophy, I gon come late, because me wife got to come to put up dem blinds.” Ludwig had already done the Christmas cleaning, Evereth reported.
Unfortunately that was not to be, as Ludwig’s body was discovered by his nephew in his yard at the back of his house, early yesterday morning.
Hinds pointed out that his brother was clearly under the influence of alcohol, as he had been ‘partying’ with friends all day on Friday.
The man said that he suspects that Ludwig must have gone to his back door to urinate as usual, when he lost his balance and fell over, as the back door has no verandah or rails.
There was a clear indentation in the sand, which indicated that the man fell on his head. Informed sources later told the family that the man’s neck was broken.
Evereth Hinds said that he will miss his brother, as they were very close, and even shared their work.  They were both carpenters.
“Now instead of preparing for Christmas the family got to prepare for funeral,” Hinds stated sadly.

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