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Last week dem boys hear that a group of people decide that dem would host a story-telling session. De people decide that dem would hold this thing at de seawalls because ‘Nancy story got to go near water fuh carry way all de lies.
Was a nice crowd that tun up to hear Sam, Roger Clement, Gail, Bheri, Ralph and Moses talk about life in de party. Moses claim how he was the one who tell de party executive that he had no interest in de presidency.
He even tell de people that he was de one who recommend Bharrat and that everybody support de nomination. People clap and shout “Walhalla”
Ralph tell de people how he was one of dem who believe in youth power and how he was asked to be president but he defer to de youth. He even claim how he dream that Papa Cheddi was vex wid he because he was de best person fuh de job.
Again de people shout “Walhalla”
Sam claim how he was to be de head of de Presidential Secretariat as de Cabinet Secretary but he get de flu de day when he was to tek up de office and is suh Roger get de wuk. Dem boys hear de biggest ‘Walhalla”. But dem nearly dead when de hear Bheri tell de people how Bharrat is he brother.
He claim how blood thicker than water and that is why he understudying Leslie. One man claim that coming events does cast shadow,
Then dem boys ask wha Walhalla mean.  De answer was a massive “Bull sh—“
Talk half. Lef half.

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