Bauxite carrier gives Lindeners a scare

December 20, 2010 | By | Filed Under News 

A  bauxite carrier bound for the Bosai wharf  at Linden put a terrible scare in several residents after it lost control and veered dangerously close to the Wismar shore and remained stuck for several minutes on Saturday night.
Many persons who were waiting on the ferries to cross the river, stood aghast as two boats from the Adams and Chester Boat Services were tossed to and fro by the turbulence caused by the ship’s propellers.
Leslie Adams, Manager of Adams boat Services said that the ship really shook up the boats.
Adams said that at least ten feet of planks and piling, from the Adams boat landing were  washed away by the powerful force of the ship’s propellers.
He added that the captain of the ship had subsequently made an effort to speak with the  two boat service owners but was apparently scared away by the hostile behavior displayed by a few persons.
The pilot and agent of the ship have however promised to return to estimate the damages done to the bridge to have same rectified, according to Adams.

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