‘Silence’ murder trial begins in Berbice High Court

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The murder trial of Gowkarran Ramdayal called “Silence” finally commenced in the Berbice High Court after an initial delay in which the judge had ordered a psychiatric evaluation of the accused, who had refused to respond to questions when he first appeared in court.
Ramdyal, of Queenstown, Corriverton, is accused of murdering his father, 51-year-old Bhowan Ramdayal who died on January 16 2008.
The senior Ramdayal was allegedly beaten with an iron bar about his body at their home after a misunderstanding between the two men, on 10 October 2007.
He was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital then taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital before being transferred to the Georgetown Hospital.
After a month the man was released from the medical institution and returned to his niece’s home at No 65 village. After the father was taken back to the Skeldon Hospital, where he died.    The remanded prisoner, when questioned by the Clerk of Court thrice, as to whether his name is Gowkarran Ramdayal had remained silent.
Justice Dawn Gregory Barnes had told the accused: “if you respond your trial will commence, but as for now the case is in limbo’.
I have ordered a psychiatric evaluation, and based on its findings we will know what to do about this matter.”

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