Shot shop owner remains critical

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Doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital were still battling to save the life of 58-year-old businessman Loki Narain who was shot by bandits at his Triumph, East Coast Demerara business place on Monday night.
Kaieteur News understands that contrary to earlier reports which indicated that Narain was shot in the neck, the businessman is awaiting surgery to have two bullets removed – one lodged in the upper chest and the other in the lower abdomen.
He remains in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a critical condition.
Around 20:45 hours on Monday, Narain was in his shop when four youths armed with guns barged in.
They demanded cash from the businessman who was sitting behind the heavily grilled counter.
From all appearances Narain was shot after he hesitated to open the door to his shop when ordered to do so by the bandits.
His wife, Drupattie, who was in another section of the property, heard the commotion and upon checking saw her husband slumped in a pool of blood behind the counter.
She subsequently fled to safety at the back of the building when she saw the gunmen.
“I hear a thing go off and by the time I run to see, I hear they say ‘Gimme de money. Pass de money’ and dem fire two more shot and I run away to the back,” Drupattie Narain told this newspaper.
The woman said that she did not get a glimpse of the gunmen since she was so terrified.
She said that since her husband was shot there was no way he could have opened the door to let the bandits in so they were forced to flee empty-handed.
A police source told this newspaper that they have not yet retrieved the tapes from the surveillance cameras but they hope to do so soon with the hope of identifying the perpetrators.

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