Reports on maternal deaths by weekend

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Reports into the investigations surrounding the deaths of maternal patients Monica Carmichael and Miriam Bristol are expected to be completed by weekend. This was disclosed by a senior official in the Ministry of Health.
The two women died hours apart at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) last month. Carmichael, who delivered a stillborn, died one day after undergoing a caesarian section while Bristol died minutes after delivering a healthy baby girl.
The official yesterday explained that the investigators had encountered some problems but these have been rectified.
The official further said that the report is presently with the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shamdeo Persaud.
A post mortem examination conducted on Carmichael revealed that she died from hypovolemic shock (caused by massive loss of blood and other fluids).
The examination also showed that the woman suffered from pulmonary embolism (a blockage of the pulmonary artery or a branch of it leading to the lung)
Bristol’s post mortem showed that she died from hypovolemic shock and cervical laceration.
According to Carmichael’s relatives, the woman was transferred from the New Amsterdam Hospital, because medical staff realised that all was not right with the baby.
One relative had said that the baby had died inside of the woman and an emergency surgery had to be done.
An aunt further opined that the nurses should have kept monitoring her niece since she was considered to be a high-risk patient.
In Bristol’s case, her relatives refuted claims by the hospital which stated that the woman died because she had done multiple c-sections.
The hospital in a release had stated that Bristol had a previous caesarian section, and it was a case which posed an increase risk of bleeding.
Relatives further said that Bristol spent almost one week at the Linden Hospital Complex.
According to them, doctors at the hospital had suggested that Bristol undergo emergency surgery, but the operating theatre was not functional, so she was transferred to GPHC.
Some medical sources believe that the lack of experienced staff at the institution and the absence of an obstetrician, are contributing factors to the spate of maternal deaths.
The sources believe that there will be more maternity deaths if the situation is not rectified as soon as possible.
Only last month, a nurse who was attached to the hospital, Charlene Amsterdam, died there two days after a caesarian section was performed.

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