Ignoring the facts, glorifying the aberrations

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Dear Editor,
Reading the Letters section of the newspaper recently, I came across a letter written by a Paul Seecharran (A defining and captivating moment) about Leader of the Opposition, Robert Corbin’s character. I don’t know where this writer was or is living all the time but it was really amazing to see that he could judge a man after attending one funeral and making allegation about people planning to disturb a highly publicized funeral of a TRUE GUYANESE hero.
Perhaps that writer might have other intentions but, I would be grateful to hear what he had to say when the late Winston Shripaul Murray was verbally abused in Congress Place on the Election Day when he contested the leadership of the PNCR.
That same goodly gentleman that the writer is praising was present when some hooligans were abusing Cde. Winston Murray saying “no coolie man can run the PNC”. When it was overbearing M.P. Mervyn Williams appealed to Corbin for him to put a stop to this nonsense. Corbin looked away and then walked into the building without saying anything.
That is the same gentleman when, after the election for Leadership of the PNCR, reporters published an article about the rigged election emanating from the Sophia headquarters, he remained silent.
If readers could recall, reporters mentioned in one of their articles that they cornered a guy and asked him who he was supporting and he said Corbin.
Lo and behold when they looked at his delegate card and asked him his name, it was different from what the card had. After the election there were lots of accusations of rigging, and those who were fingered in the rigmarole business were always writing letters asking for proof.
Now is the time for the likes of Dr.Richard Van West-Charles, Mervyn Williams, Aubrey Norton, and Vincent Alexander to come out publicly and call names. Because of their silence the party in which they grew and which they nurtured is being raped and killed slowly.
Finally, I would be grateful if the writer could say why the gentleman who Paul Seecharran is trying to praise, did not step down from the leadership of the party that he is hell bent on destroying.
Mr. Corbin never accomplished anything that his supporters could boast about. The writer must have really come from next world to praise a hypocrite and not finding time to praise someone who is worthy of it.
Cde. Winston Murray is gone but people will always talk of his achievements and until I die, I am quiet sure I will not see another like him.
Allisa Bacchus

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