Drivers charged optional fee to cross ‘B’ Field bridge

December 15, 2010 | By | Filed Under News 

Drivers of motor vehicles are now being asked to pay a minimal fee to residents to cross the bridge at ‘B’ Field Sophia. The bridge which was constructed several years ago, by residents, links Sophia to Guyhoc and its environs.
Several residents told this newspaper that maintaining the structure is very costly and as a result they have moved to implement an optional fee for drivers. It was stressed that recently the bridge had become dilapidated and it cost approximately $60,000 to carry out the necessary repairs.
It was confirmed that drivers are not compelled to pay a fee but upon their arrival are asked to donate any amount they desire. Certain residents have been tasked with saving the contributions, so that when the structure requires rehabilitation, it can be carried out in a timely manner.
The residents are calling on officials from the Ministry of Public Works and Communication to visit their community to witness how persons’ lives are endangered by using the bridge. They are of the opinion that if a more permanent structure is put in place it will benefit not only them, but also delivery vehicles that frequent the area to conduct business.
Several drivers who spoke to this newspaper said that they have no objections paying a small fee but are dissatisfied with the current condition of the structure
They too are anxiously awaiting the intervention of officials from the relevant Ministry.

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