Dem boys seh…Man get ketch thiefing and seh is not he

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A man walk into a store that does sell electronic goods and he look impressive. Dem boys seh that de thing look even more impressive because he walk in wid a woman. Dem walk round and dem check out some things. De man look at cell phones and de woman look at cameras.
De woman do a good job checking out de thing she like and de man mek he move pun a $80,000 phone. He lef de store and he smile because he sure he get through. He tek de phone and he sell it fuh $20,000.
Dem boys seh that wha nuff people don’t know is that dem stores have camera. If you see how de man thief in style pun camera. And that is how he get ketch. He carry de store people to de man he sell de phone and dem get it back. De man admit and he tell de people how he sorry.
Dem boys coulda drop dead when he go to court and tell de magistrate how he not guilty. Dem boys want to know how a man thiefing, he watch heself pun camera when de people show he and still seh is not he.
Well dem boys want to know how he gun fool de magistrate. And de woman telling he how he shoulda sell de phone fuh more.
Thing fuh cry she a laugh. That is wha dem boys seh.
Talk half. Lef half.

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