Woman robbed after being trailed from city bank

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Two days ago, Police Commissioner Henry Greene pointed out that the force has upped the ante on criminals in the city, forcing them to go after soft targets.
Well on Friday the criminals took him up on his word and soft targets they did attack.
The first was an attack on a 53-year-old Belmont, Mahaica housewife, relieving her of $200,000, which she had apparently planned to use to make her Christmas enjoyable.
On Friday around 13:10 hours, Jasoda Jagroop, went into Demerara Bank on Croal Street and
South Road, to cash a cheque worth $400,000.
After cashing the cheque, Jagroop joined her husband in minibus BMM 6941.
She placed $200,000 in her bag while her husband took possession of the other $200,000
With police ranks visible throughout the city and its environs, the couple felt safe and proceeded towards East Bank Demerara.
But that feeling soon turned into one of horror for as they approached the traffic light on Mandela Avenue they were forced to stop.
A white car pulled up alongside their vehicle and a suspect came out.
The man pulled out a gun from his waist, pointed it at the victim’s face and took possession of the bag containing the cash and made good his escape.
There was no police rank in sight so the couple was forced to make their way to the nearest police station to report the matter.
Of course by then there was no trace of the bandit.

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