Teen gang stabs bus conductor

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Travis Price

– after he refuses to turn up ‘Gaza music’

Minibus conductor, Travis Price, can consider himself lucky to be alive after a gang of ice-pick toting teens stabbed, punched, kicked and stoned him on Thursday, over his refusal to turn up the ‘Gaza’ (dancehall) music in the vehicle.
Price, 24, of ‘B’ Field, Sophia, was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital with stab wounds to the neck shoulder and back.
He also sustained injuries to his right leg after one of the gang members threw a large stone at him.
Police have since detained six of the suspects who Price identified. They are likely to be charged with wounding. Police are trying to locate four others.
Kaieteur News understands that the suspects are aged between 16 and 18. The young men, who reportedly attend a school for dropouts, have reportedly named themselves “The Not Nice Gang,” and have allegedly committed similar offences.
Price works on a route 48 minibus which traverses the Sophia/ Stabroek route. He said that his troubles began around 15:30 hrs on Thursday after he picked up about ten juveniles near the entrance to Sophia, a location known as Joe Singh Road.
He said that there were about two adults in the vehicle, and so when the teens asked him to turn up the “Gaza music”, he refused, out of respect for his older passengers.
He said that a quarrel ensued between himself and the youths, and when they disembarked at Croal and King Streets, many of them refused to pay.
I tell the driver that it ain’t make sense to pick up these kids, and then one of them box me.”
He said that three others, who were armed with ice-picks, began to stab him.
“Then one of them pelt a stone on my knee and I fall and they swarm me and is kick and cuff…”
He said that the driver could only watch on helplessly while he was being attacked.
Eventually, the gang left the scene and the driver put him in the bus and drove to the Brickdam Police Station to report the incident.
According to Price, some of the suspects were picked up when they were spotted outside the Brickdam Police Station.
The wounded man said that he was able to identify them because they often travelled in his bus.
He was then taken to the GPHC where he was admitted.
A police official confirmed that six teens have been detained and are to be charged soon.

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