Hollywood actor dies at Yarrokabra

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Many Guyanese, if asked about an actor named Danny Daniels, would retort, “Danny who?” And if the truth be told many never heard the name or paid any attention when it scrolled across the cinema screen.
He was a name in Hollywood.

Danny Daniels with Nat King Cole.

He died on December 6, of lung cancer. He was 83, having been born on November 1, 1927. He would have been buried today but his children who reside in California petitioned the courts to half the burial. The new date is therefore up in the air.
Daniels appeared in many movies, the first of them in 1958.  In that year he appeared as Kuyo and the Bearer in the TV series White Hunter. That same year he appeared as the boatman in Passionate Summer.
He also acted alongside Sean Connery in Woman of Straw, appeared in The Mercenaries, Armchair Theatre, The Body, Sympathy for the Devil, No Hiding Place, in the comedy Carry on up the Jungle, in The saint, Up Pompeii and as the witchdoctor in The Oblong Box.
Danny Daniels returned home almost a decade ago and took up residence at 1227 Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway.
He became ill late last year and was hospitalised at the Linden Hospital. He was discharged a few weeks before he died at his home.

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