Dem boys seh…No Norway money because BK got de plan

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Reporters suppose to be people who know de country. Dem got to know everything suh when de boss send a young woman to de Project Dawn Place and she come back and tell dem that she couldn’t find de place people was surprised.
Dem tell she that de place was project Dawn and that it deh at Liliendaal. De gyal ketch a taxi and left. She come back without de story.
She claim how she go to Liliendaal and when she ask people wheh Dawn Cari deh dem just smile and tell she that dem don’t know.
Well dem boys ask she wheh she get de name Dawn Cari from. She claim how she hear de name somewhere. Dem ask she how she tek three hours and she smile, then she claim that she was searching.
Well dem boys believe that she was either searching fuh a husband or somebody was searching she. And she just stand up and smile.
She smile just like de World Bank people who keeping de Norway funds fuh Guyana. Bharrat went to Cancun without de plan and when de lady ask he de answer was that de plan deh at Sparendaam wid BK.
De woman smile and tell he that whenever he done wid whoever name BK he can come back. Bharrat still vex.
Talk half. Lef half.

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