Colours Store and Trophy Stall on board

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Colours Store on Robb Street and The Trophy Stall of Bourda Market and the Camp Street Mall are the latest entities to lend support to the annual Kashif & Shanghai knock-out football tournament which officially starts today.
Sales Representative of Colours Store Latoya Cort handed over a set of Umbro Footballs and a trophy to Co-Director Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major reminding that the entity has always been a supporter of the tournament.
Ms. Cort expressed satisfaction that the tournament serves as a positive means for young and not so young players to showcase their skills as individuals and as a team for the enjoyment of thousands of fans.
“We are indeed happy to be on board again and we wish all the teams the best during the tournament.”
Manager of The Trophy Stall Ramesh Sunich congratulated the Kashif & Shanghai Organisation for the magnificent job they have been doing over the years pointing out that he has always followed the tournament closely.
“This is certainly not the first time we have been supporting the tournament, we have been doing so for many years and will continue to do so since it has a positive spin on the development of sports in Guyana.”
Sunich further stated that his company supports sports across the spectrum and he is always happy to do his bit for his fellow countrymen and women. Major expressed thanks to both Colours Store and The Trophy Stall for their continued confidence in the tournament.

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