Chronic Renal Failure victim seeks financial help

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Seolall Budhram, 36, of 391 Diamond New Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, was once an ordinary man who laboured as a truck driver to maintain his family. Life for him had changed for the worse when he was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure early this year.
On Tuesday, he visited Kaieteur news along with his wife, Bibi Shamweer, in excruciating pain to seek the general public assistance to finance his trip to India to have both of his Kidneys replaced.
The medical operation, according to him costs approximately $7 million and can only be done overseas.  According to his wife, Budhram started to complain about feeling unwell during the early part of this year. It was during that time that he was taken to a private medical institution, where he was diagnosed with the dreadful illness.

Seolall Budhram

As a result of the financial crisis the family is experiencing, he was taken to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was admitted, but doctors there were unable to do much for him.
His health started to deteriorate thus family members were forced to finance his operation at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. The man is currently wearing an instrument on his chest carrying a tube which is inserted into his abdomen to facilitate regular dialysis treatments.
That too was not sufficient for Budhram’s ailment, as it is mandatory for him to pay $50,000 three times a week for his dialysis.
He is a father of four minors who depend solely on him for sustenance.
His wife Bibi related that she is finding it very rigid to maintain her family.
“My husband cannot work as a result of  his sickness and life is becoming very hard for us, because I have to stay home to look at him…We are begging for help”.
It was also reported that the Budhram family approached Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) for financial support.
The Islamic organisation subsidised three dialysis treatments whereas the Ministry of Health offered to pay for ten of the same treatment.
An account, #298-070-4 was opened at Republic Bank to facilitate persons desirous of contributing towards his surgery.
For those persons living overseas they can also access the account at an international Bank number RBGLGYGG.
Seolall Budhram can be reached on telephone numbers 216-0742, 612-2947 or 626-1278

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