14-year-old girl alleges rape against a police rank

December 12, 2010 | By | Filed Under News 

A 14 year-old Haslington girl is alleging that a 28-year-old police rank stationed somewhere on the East Coast Demerara, raped her.
According to the girl’s aunt, the girl and an older cousin visited one of their aunts who lives at Grove, East Bank Demerara. She said that while they were returning to Georgetown she called the Police whom she knew.
The rank, who was in plainclothes at the time, met the girls in the vicinity of Demico House when they arrived in Georgetown and he offered to buy them something to eat.
The older cousin reportedly left to go purchase chicken at a nearby eatery and it was at this time that the police rank who was also in the company of another couple asked the 14 year-old if she wanted to go for a drive.
He summoned a taxi and the quartet headed for a city guest house where he allegedly committed the act. He returned some two hours later to the car park.
The angry older cousin began chiding the girl for leaving her there at the park and it was at this point in time that she related to her what transpired.
The matter has since been reported to the Brickdam Police Station and a statement was to have been taken yesterday but the girl’s aunt is insisting that an independent welfare officer be present when the police doctor conducts the investigation to see if the girl had indeed been sexually assaulted.
The aunt said that she was taking the girl to a private doctor yesterday to conduct the medical investigation and will submit that to the police.

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