Group in Diaspora formed to support David Granger

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A group of Guyanese in North America has formed what its members call ‘Guyanese United For Change’, (GUFC), and has announced its support for Retired Brigadier David Granger’s bid for presidential candidate of the People’s National Congress Reform.
The group which describes itself as a diverse group of Guyanese residing in North America, has dedicated itself to establishing and preserving a new Guyana that guarantees freedom, equal opportunity, safety and security and where racial harmony and economic enterprise foster peace and prosperity for all.

Retired Brigadier David Granger

The said GUFC resolved, by meeting in special session on October 10, last, in New York, “and in keeping with our core principles and our vision for Guyana; that Brigadier
General David A. Granger, a nominee seeking to be selected as the presidential candidate of the
PNCR, is the right person at this time to lead Guyana.”
The group said that it acknowledges that the next President of Guyana must be an agent for change, capable of earning the nation’s trust and providing the leadership necessary for progress, prosperity and democracy in Guyana.
“We believe that Brigadier General David A. Granger, as President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, will make this possible,” the Group said
The members said that appreciating Brigadier General Granger’s life of dedicated service to his country, his integrity, sense of fairness, scholarship, awards and accolades he received from the military, academia and a grateful nation, along with his clarion call for unity within his own party and the nation as a whole, they believe that he possesses the leadership necessary to garner the confidence of all Guyanese.
“Confident that Brigadier General Granger’s presidential candidacy gives Guyana the best opportunity to elevate the political discourse, in a spirit of inclusion and with a focus on the issues that affect all Guyanese, and secure in our recognition that this prospective candidate’s stated platform and principles mirror our own, GUFC, buoyed by the hope of real change, stand firmly with Brigadier General David A. Granger, in his quest to unite and lead our great nation.”
Granger in his pitch for the candidacy recently said that, “Our children’s and our country’s future depend on your support for my candidacy.”
According to Granger, the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has completed 18 continuous years in office and the country faces the prospect of five more years of mismanagement.
Granger opined that the PPP/C is incapable of dealing with the daily problems of armed robberies and violent crime which have given Guyana a murder rate that is three times that of the USA.
“Collapsing educational standards have produced an annual rate of nearly 12,000 school dropouts…Illiteracy is rampant…Unemployment, especially among young people, has enlarged the army of the poor.”
In his pitch for the PNCR candidacy he appealed to the delegates to encourage their comrades, groups and districts to nominate him as the PNCR’s candidate.

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