RC caught on camera having sex with female prisoner in lock-ups

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The recently installed surveillance cameras at police stations have paid dividends, landing a Rural Constable (RC) in hot water for having sex with a female prisoner at the East La Penitence lock-ups on Monday night.
Although the camera only picked up the Rural Constable’s feet, it provided investigators with enough to launch an investigation into the matter. The Rural Constable was earlier seen on camera entering the restricted area of the lock-ups to access the prisoner. The camera also managed to capture the female prisoner bending over with her underwear down to facilitate the act, which was committed through the grill door of the lock-ups. “He’s stupid, knowing that there is a camera focusing on the door of the lock ups, yet he took that chance,” one rank told Kaieteur News.
According to information reaching this newspaper, the prisoner who was remanded earlier this year was brought to the city from New Amsterdam pending her court date this week.
Sources at the East La Penitence Police Station said that the Rural Constable reportedly promised the female prisoner $10,000 for the favour.
It is believed that he used the time when the Officer-in-Charge of the station was asleep to commit the act.
He was questioned and initially denied committing the act but relented when presented with the camera evidence. Sources in the Guyana Police Force have disclosed that the recent act is not an isolated case.
One source indicated that because of the position female prisoners find themselves in, it is easy for them to be seduced by police ranks while in the station lock-ups. One rank at the East La Penitence Police Station revealed that on many occasions the female prisoners could be overheard arguing among themselves over who was engaged in sexual activity with policemen. This newspaper understands that the officer in charge of the East La Penitence lockups at the time of the most recent incident is also being questioned.

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