Police still to find evidence of spying

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Commissioner of Police, Henry Greene, has strongly defended the Force’s position on the release of statements by politician Peter Ramsaroop and his tenant, Nicole Ming.
The Commissioner also said that the move by the police to release the statements was not politically motivated.
“There is always unorthodox method when certain situations arise and I don’t know why persons believe that (political motive) to be so.”
The Commissioner further stated that as far as the investigation goes, the force is following all leads. He said the force will first have to see if there is any evidence to support any sort of charges or anything incriminating.
Also, the Commissioner said that the reason for the statement being released was so the public could see what they have.
“I think there was an issue over why the search was done, where it was done and who is speaking the truth so we decided to let the public see what we have, in those statements there is nothing to incriminate anybody”.
The Commissioner also stated that he has no fear that Ramsaroop will not return to Guyana to assist with investigations.
Ramsaroop left Guyana for the United States. Greene said that Ramsaroop did receive permission from the High Court.
He added that Ramsaroop had approached the police but they never responded.

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