Independent body mounts call for major probe

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An independent group says that it is mounting a campaign to pursue justice for the more than 200 persons believed to have been killed by a “phantom squad”.
A release from the “Justice for Victims of Phantom Squad” yesterday said that following the deliberations at the United Nations on the Human Rights issues in Guyana, and the critical questions that have been asked by key members of the United Nations, such as the UK, Canada and Norway, there is a feeling that unless all Guyanese, locally and those living abroad are mobilised, there will not be justice for those killed at the hands of the “death squad”.
“The mass mobilisation of our citizens in and out of Guyana will enable them to express their utter disgust at the unlawful killing of our brothers or sons who should have been arrested, if they were suspected to be indulging in any wrong-doing.  This “shoot-to-kill” policy was carried out by a secret organisation called the “Phantom Squad”, which is believed to be connected to established drug lords, reportedly linked to certain key officials in government.”
The release listed its contact persons as Norris Witter, a labour official; and Jinnah Rahman, the group’s co-ordinator.
The central focus of this campaign will be to actively involve all the families who have lost their loved ones and in many cases, the main breadwinner, the statement from the group said.
The group said that it will be seeking the support of the international community – through Members of Parliament of Europe, North America and the Caribbean.
Trade Unions and civic organisations – nationally and internationally – will be invited to sponsor and support the campaign, it was revealed.

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