GRA apologises for strewn documents

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Some of the strewn documents outside of  the GPO’s GRA office on Thursday.

Some of the strewn documents outside of the GPO’s GRA office on Thursday.

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) yesterday apologised for an incident Thursday in which several sensitive documents with taxpayers’ information were left flying around the GPO building.
According to Commissioner-General, Khurshid Sattaur, investigations revealed that the documents were placed in black plastic garbage bags and left in the bins. The bins were subsequently raided by vagrants, causing the documents to fall on the floor and be strewn with the help of the wind.
Sattaur further stated that the offices on the northern side of the building are occupied by managers and are usually closed due to the air condition units in the rooms.
“It is therefore very unlikely that the papers would have blown out the window,” he said.
The Commissioner-General noted that he has since held a meeting with managers to address the issue. He said that systems will be put place to ensure that documents are properly shredded by staff before being disposed of.
A request was also made to the Guyana Post Office Corporation to have the garbage properly secured until the garbage truck arrives to uplift the garbage.
Further, cleaners were advised not to empty any bins with unshredded documents, while checks were made to ascertain how frequently the garbage disposal trucks came to dispose of the garbage, to ensure that garbage bags will be taken downstairs in close proximity of the arrival of the trucks.
GRA said it is committed to ensuring that there is no repeat of this incident.

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