Gang member chops Linden youth

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Quacy Sam

Quacy Sam

Seventeen-year-old Quacy Sam, of Second Street, Silvertown, Wismar, Linden, is a patient at the Linden Hospital Complex, where he was yesterday admitted after a vicious cutlass attack by another youth in the community.
Sam said he was walking along the road with two other friends when his assailant and his brother started to taunt them by calling them names. According to Sam, he ignored the youths, which seemed to anger one of them, who collected the cutlass from the other one and ran out on the road and started to broadside him with the cutlass. “Is bar I de trying foh bar when he chop me pon me hand.”
Kevon Sandiford, a friend of Quacy Sam, who was with him when the incident occurred, said that eyewitnesses in the area claimed to have seen the attacker sharpening a cutlass earlier in the day.
When the three friends were approaching the area where the assailant was, he was heard telling his brother, “Jermaine bring the cutlass!”
Sam’s mother, Brenda Garraway, said that she was in the vicinity of the Wismar Post Office when somebody called and said, “Brenda come quick (name given) just chop yo son’’.
The woman said that she immediately left to go and see what was happening. By then, people had already converged on the scene.
Garraway subsequently went to the police station and made a report, and was immediately escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex with her son, who had to undergo emergency surgery.
Quacy Thom is a student of the Wisburg Annexe on Burnham Drive, while his assailant is said to be an employee at Barama.
Only last Friday another young man was viciously stabbed by three youths said to be a gang in the Amelia’s Ward area.
Two of the gang members were subsequently held by the police, but the other attacker is still at large.
Quite recently there has been an upsurge of gang violence in the community, and persons are complaining bitterly of the police apparent inability to put a handle on the situation.

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